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February 2006 meeting

Keith Dunlop gave a splendid demonstration of what could be done on the World Wide Web in February 2006 - using his specially cased Iyonix.

In his usual laid-back style he introduced us to the "how" of web pages, and the evening was punctuated with laughter, digressions and the illumination of what, for some, appears a dark art.

Keith explained that you do not need to know a great deal, and showed us that much could be achieved without special tools or programmes.

For example, you could save, from an Impression document, a DDF file with styles. This could then be converted with a public domain programme, !DDFtoHTML, to a simple web page. Harriet Bazley, the program's maintainer, was one of the many experts heard throughout the evening with advice and comment.

Keith then demonstrated how, using TechWriter/EasyWriter, text and pictures can be saved out as a collection of files ready to be uploaded to your webspace, specifically an HTML file and an Images directory.

The talents of StrongED were demonstrated to a similar end, using its abilities to switch from plain text to its HTML mode.

The next stage was to upload pages to your web space, provided by your ISP, who will have already supplied you with a username and password. An exposition of the !FTPc program to do this ensued.

There was some discussion of HTML - HyperText Markup Language - some of our members have great fluency in this! So ROUGOL members are assured of assistance should need arise.

For the second half of the evening Dave Stafford of WebGen2 fame presented this programme for simply, amazingly quickly, generating webpages full of indexed images. will lead you to download this, and many other, useful programs.

A brief vote of thanks was given to the presenters for an enthralling, well supported evening. It was good to see new faces, and maybe we should run another session, looking at members' web creations?

Charles (Barraball)