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Icon Technology
Mike Glover
Wednesday 27th September 2000, 7:45pm

Icon Technology are the people behind EasiWriter, TechWriter, and Writer (the latter being shipped with RISC OS 4 upgrades, so most of you should have a copy!)

Their range of word processing and document processing products covers all needs "from abc to PhD", the higher end products including many features not seen in expensive desktop publishing packages, as well as sophisticated import facilities to handle documents from other platforms, facilties to generate documents for the web, et cetera.

Mike will be tailoring his presentation to what the audience wants to see, so whether you're a newcomer to Icon's products wanting to find out what the basic versions of Writer or EasiWriter might be able to do for you, or an experienced TechWriter Pro+ user wanting to discuss approaches to different problems, you should find the meeting of great interest!  (Be sure to shout loud enough...)

Whilst we're hoping to have a StrongARM RISC OS 4 Risc PC, video projector and other props for the demonstration, this meeting will not solely focus on the presentation; there should be plenty of time for more general RISC OS discussion both before and after (and during, if Mike feels like a break or a digression!).