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DATE:   Monday 19th February 2018
(ROUGOL meets on the third monday of each month)
SUBJECT:   ARMs, ARMs, everywhere
PRESENTER:   Bryan Hogan
TIME:   7:45pm (although lots of ROUGOL members are usually there - eating curry - from about 6pm!)
VENUE:   Upstairs in the restaurant at The Blue Eyed Maid public house, 173 Borough High St, SE1 1HR.

ARMs, ARMs, everywhere, nor any bit to run (with apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

In the Science Museum there is a display about the history of micro processors (next to the gold BBC Micro!) which includes a video about the development af the ARM featuring Sophie Wilson and Herman Hauser. It finishes with Sophie saying "ARMs are everywhere". With ARM and their partners selling over a billion processors per month, this is without doubt, and the proliferaton of ARM boards has greatly benefitted RISC OS over the past 10 years or so.

However with the move to 64bit ARMv8 processors the future might not be so rosy. As raised in this thread on the ROOL forum, the next generation of ARMs might not be able to run RISC OS. We could be left with high end 64bit cpus and low end Cortex-M, neither of which is compatible with RISC OS.

During the meeting we will be looking at the history of changes to the ARM architecture, the effects they have had on compatibility with RISC OS and its applications, and what the options are for the future.

The usual arrangements

Admittance is free and everyone is welcome. All meetings benefit from video projection, so everyone should have a great view.

The Blue Eyed Maid is easily accessible by public transport from in and around London and the south east, and serves a wide range of hot and cold food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

To be informed about future meetings, please join the mailing list. Everyone on the mailing list will be kept informed of these and other ROUGOL initiatives.

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