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DATE:   Monday 20th August 2018
(ROUGOL meets on the third monday of each month)
SUBJECT:   Meet the mini.m
PRESENTER:   Bryan Hogan
TIME:   7:45pm (although lots of ROUGOL members are usually there - eating curry - from about 6pm!)
VENUE:   Upstairs in the restaurant at The Blue Eyed Maid public house, 173 Borough High St, SE1 1HR.

For those that couldn't make it to the Wakefield show, this month we will have RComp's recently released new machine the mini.m (pronounced "minim") on display for everyone to have a play with and marvel at its tiny size.

The mini.m is basically an ARMX6 squeezed down into a two-inch cube! Despite being small enough to fit in a pocket, it has the same CPU, 2GB RAM, high end graphics (up to 4k resolution), high quality audio over HDMI, gigabit ethernet, and SATA connectivity. To go along with the small size, it is also less than half the price :-)

We will also have a sneak preview of an mSATA "dock" that RISCOSbits have in development for the mini.m.

The usual arrangements

Admittance is free and everyone is welcome. All meetings benefit from video projection, so everyone should have a great view.

The Blue Eyed Maid is easily accessible by public transport from in and around London and the south east, and serves a wide range of hot and cold food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

To be informed about future meetings, please join the mailing list. Everyone on the mailing list will be kept informed of these and other ROUGOL initiatives.

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