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FUTURE MEETING                

DATE:   Monday 15th September 2008
(ROUGOL meets on the third monday of each month)
SUBJECT:   Radar Systems
PRESENTED BY:   Dr Colin Wright, Denbridge Marine
TIME:   7:45pm (although lots of ROUGOL members are usually there - eating curry - from about 6pm!)
VENUE:   Unless otherwise stated, all meetings are held upstairs at the Blue Eyed Maid Public House, SE1 1HR.

For the September meeting we are very pleased to see the return of Dr Colin Wright of Denbridge Marine. Colin last visited ROUGOL way back in July 2001, and generated such interesting discussions that the meeting ran on past midnight.

Colin works at Denbridge Marine on the development of radar systems that run on RISC OS and, more recently, Linux. These systems are in use in a wide variety of locations around the world, and he will be demonstrating the use of the system on an Iyonix and may even be able to show a live system.

Due to the safety critical nature of these systems, Colin has a very distinct approach to program development and testing, as can be seen in his coding challenge. For the programmers in the audience, this could be an education.

In addition to his day job, Colin also gives many talks on mathematics and juggling. We hope to have demos of some of those too!

The usual arrangements

The meeting will benefit from video projection with ROUGOL's video projector, so everyone should have a great view. A wide range of hot and cold food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, will be on sale. Admittance is free and everyone is welcome.

There may well be copies of printed RISC OS magazines such as Archive, Qercus and RISC OS Now at the meeting, if you'd like to take a brief look to see if you'd like to subscribe.

Anyone with wireless enabled handhelds or laptops should be able to access the internet during the meeting, or (if time allows) use ROUGOL's own RiscPC to do so after the main presentation has finished. Please speak to Bryan Hogan if you have problems connecting.

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