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Neil Farnham-Smith
Wednesday 10th October 2001, 7:15pm

Neil will demonstrate and talk about Surftec's CompactFlash card reader, the IBM MicroDrive, Casio's QV3500 digital camera, and possibly the very latest model from Epson.  He is bringing a digital video projector, so everyone should have a good view.

Neil has informed us that the Surftec reader for SmartMedia cartridges is now (at last!) operational, so this meeting will be the very first opportunity to see this product working, for the many people interested. (SmartMedia is the format used by Olympus and many other brands of digital camera).

In addition, if you would like to try out your own digital camera with either the CompactFlash or the SmartMedia readers for RISC OS, please bring your camera along, as this is your chance!

Neil can also talk about a wide range of other RISC OS related items for those interested, including network computers, networking and internet services, scanning and printing, and more.  And of course there will be time for questions.

The meeting will also be a chance to pick up items from the wide range of new and second hand hardware and software that Surftec has available, at bargain prices.

As usual, there should also be plenty of opportunity for more general RISC OS discussion before and after the main presentation.  The meeting will be largely informal, so don't worry about arriving late or leaving early.