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The new Iyonix RISC OS 5 computer
Jack Lillingston (Managing Director, Castle Technology Ltd)
Monday 16th December 2002, 7:45pm

Jack Lillingston, Managing Director of Castle Technology Ltd., will be bringing along the new Iyonix 600MHz RISC OS 5 computer.

The evening should see a slide presentation from Jack on the Iyonix's features (with projector so everyone should have a great view); a demonstration of the computer's speed and software compatibility; the popular "is the Iyonix so quiet you can't hear it?" test; and opportunities to try out the Iyonix yourself or to ask questions.

Neil Spellings, one of the people behind Aemulor, the software which allows existing 26-bit applications to run on the Iyonix, will also be at the meeting, to answer questions about Aemulor and possibly give a brief demonstration after Jack's talk.

Plans for the evening include:

  • an OHP2 slide presentation from Jack about the Iyonix's features
  • demonstrations of the computer's speed and software compatibility
  • the popular "is the Iyonix so quiet you can't hear it?" test
  • a chance to try out the Iyonix yourself
  • questions and discussion
  • For you to purchase at the meeting and take away on the night, Jack will have Iyonix computers and copies of Castle's 32-bit development environment, at their introductory prices of 1299ukp and 99ukp (inc VAT) respectively. (Card payments can be accepted). Iyonix computers on sale at the meeting will be limited in number, for obvious practical reasons! (First come, first served).

    For more info, see the meeting report


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