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Upgrading several Risc PC systems
Many contributors
Monday 17th February 2003, 7:30pm

At last month's meeting we completed the following upgrades on the ROUGOL Risc PC:

  • upgrade RAM from 4MB to 64MB
  • upgrade operating system from RISC OS 3.5 to RISC OS 4.02
  • install 10Mbit network card (and check modules are recognised)
  • install SCSI-1 podule card (and check modules are recognised)
  • re-install PC card
  • test system was reliable with StrongARM (not yet acquired)
  • Unfortunately, we still have the following problems:

  • CDROM drive and (Conner) hard disk incompatible with each other
  • therefore unable to install RISC OS Select from CD
  • floppy disk drive apparently not working
  • We also carried out an upgrade from RISC OS 3.5 to RISC OS 3.7 on a member's Risc PC, in preparation for installing a StrongARM in his system as well. However, it turned out his computer had the dreaded timing problems, and would boot quite happily with an ARM610 processor card, but not with the StrongARM (we confirmed the StrongARM card itself was OK by trying it in the ROUGOL Risc PC).

    At this meeting, we intend to address the problems with the ROUGOL Risc PC as follows:

  • alternative hard disks brought in by Andrew Davis; copy data across
  • alternative CDROM drive (2x Cumana Indigo) brought in by Tommy Lowe
  • if CDROM/HDD combination now works, install RISC OS Select from CD
  • can anyone bring in a spare Risc PC floppy disk drive+cable?
  • We also plan to address the problems with the member's Risc PC (still awaiting StrongARM upgrade) as follows:

  • upgrade to RISC OS 4.02 (if ROMs arrive on time)
  • check if this resolves StrongARM timing problem
  • if not, swap member RPC motherboard with ROUGOL RPC motherboard
  • check that ROUGOL RPC still reliable with swapped motherboard
  • Changing motherboards without buying a new one does mean that we run the risk of having the same problem if we upgrade the ROUGOL Risc PC with a StrongARM card at a later date. However, two members have very kindly offered the possibility of donating an alternative motherboard to ROUGOL at some point in the future; and we could also even consider undertaking the recommended modifications to the motherboard itself (removing the C32 capacitor).

    Neil Spellings has agreed to attend the meeting and oversee the upgrades, so you may be able to ask further questions about Aemulor along the way!

    We're still looking for the following extras for the ROUGOL Risc PC:

  • replacement floppy disk drive
  • ARM710, ARM700 or StrongARM card
  • any RISC OS software that can be legally installed
  • second slice
  • any spare SCSI devices


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