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Informal hardware evening
Various presenters!
Monday 19th April 2004, 7:45pm

Our April meeting will give us a chance to experiment further with the ROUGOL Risc PC, as well as anything else that you think other members might find of interest.

Thanks to the generosity of members, the ROUGOL Risc PC now has:

  • ARM610
  • Two slices
  • RISC OS 4.02
  • Plenty of RAM
  • Working CD-ROM and floppy drive (last time we checked)
  • i-cubed Network card
  • ProCAD+
  • We also have available to install and set up:

  • RISC OS Select 3
  • An Eagle M2 multimedia podule card
  • Morley SCSI podule (or is it Eesox?)
  • ViewFinder card
  • Ovation Pro and David Pilling's scanning software
  • Artworks 2.1
  • Extra hard disk space
  • So there should be plenty to do, even if these informal evenings can become a little chaotic. Do bring along your own questions, suggestions, software, laptops, magazines, PDAs and other gadgets, et cetera.

    Do fight your way to the front and ask extra questions if there's any particular upgrade or installation process you're interested in (before carrying it out on your own machine, perhaps). However we're also planning to use the video projector so that even those further away from the action can still see the display.


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