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Richard Brown
Monday 16th February 2004, 7:45pm

Oregano UK Ltd are the company now responsible for the support and development of the Oregano web browser, dealing directly with Castle and Oregon. Richard will be talking about future development plans, how new releases will be issued to end users, and his long term hopes for how Oregano will continue to be developed.

He should also have some important background news about how Oregano is going to be used in the outside world, as well as explaining his own previous involvement in the RISC OS market.

He is very keen for people to bring in URLs of websites that current versions of Oregano have trouble with, with explanations of the problem where necessary. (Preferably printed, or at least written down, so that he has a proper record). He emphasises that these will find their way back to the development team - he is not a programmer himself.

Web browsers are seen as one of the most important categories of software that need development under RISC OS, so this should certainly be a very interesting evening (as well as being a "first" for any RISC OS user group). So do come along and see what Richard has to say.


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