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A Personal History of Acorn and RISC OS
Paul Beverley
Monday 15th November 2004, 7:45pm

Paul Beverley has been editor of Archive magazine for some decades now, as well as an Acorn dealer (Norwich Computer Services) in the 1980's and 1990's. So he has a unique insight into the whole RISC OS market, how it has changed over time and some insight into how it might change in the future.

I saw an earlier version of this talk at the Essex Acorn User Group in 1999 or so, and I found it a fascinating account of the rise and fall of different technological approaches. Woven through it all is Paul's own odyssey - why is he now only editing magazines, not selling computers?

1999 is a long time ago. Five years later, Paul's charts of RISC OS processor power are sure to have been updated, and there is a lot to talk about. Even five years ago, Paul's talks prompted a great deal of heart-felt discussion, I have no doubt it will be even more interesting today.


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