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An Evening with Artworks 2
Stewart Brookes
Monday 18th October 2004, 7:45pm

Stewart Brookes is an Artworks beta-tester, and will be able to demonstrate the many new and exciting features to be released for Artworks over the coming weeks. We emphasise weeks, not months - if you thought development of RISC OS products had slowed down, Martin Wuerthner the new Artworks developer will prove you wrong!

The evening will start with an introduction to ArtWorks 2, for those new to this powerful vector-graphics package. Once the basics have been explained, there will an overview of the key features, including Transparency, Text Areas, and Bitmap Export. A number of powerful enhancements have been added to ArtWorks 2 in recent months, and this will be an opportunity to see them demonstrated in depth. A particular focus will be on the ClipView tool which, in effect, allows bitmap-fills for vector objects.

There will also be a chance to preview some of the exciting developments which appear in the next major release of ArtWorks 2. Chief amongst these is the long-awaited graduated (linear and radial) transparency. In addition, support for "Make shapes" has been added to text areas, there is a revamped version of the Arranger module, and there is the facility for right-to-left entry of Hebrew in text areas.

Finally, there will be a chance to ask some questions. Confused by intersections? Not quite sure how to make your own patterns with the Hatch tool? Want to know more about using ArtWorks graphics in EasiWriter? Answers are not guaranteed, but it should prove lively nonetheless!

Whether you're new to ArtWorks 2, or a seasoned user, hopefully there will be something to draw your interest.


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