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Productive Text Manipulation
Paul Beverley
Monday 21st March 2005, 7:45pm

Keen to return to what he describes as the most civilised user group he's yet visited, Paul Beverley will give a talk and demonstration of some of the utilities, applications, and tricks that are most useful to him when processing text.

Paul is the longest-running RISC OS magazine editor, and also has an unparalleled record in providing huge dollops of content without fail on a monthly basis. With Archive magazine, most of that content is text, so we can be sure he knows more than a few good ways of streamlining the process of converting varied text into the rarefied finished product.

Nor are we just talking about magazine content; as Paul says, with any sort of text "there's a huge amount you can do by using a mixture of different applications such as spreadsheets, text editors and my favourite - ConvText. With the latter, for example, I can..."

We'll stop there because we don't want to give away too much. But we do know Paul will be focusing on productivity, so he's sure to show how he uses KeyStroke, and how it totally transforms his life with RISC OS. If you're an Archive subscriber and have read eulogies about KeyStroke without actually taking part, now is the time to see what you've been missing.

Paul's text editor is StrongED, so there will be tips there too. But we don't expect much to be repeated from Harriet Bazley's July 2004 StrongED talk. As with so many RISC OS apps, there are plenty of different ways to do things...


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