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Orpheus Internet and RISC OS Now
Paul Vigay and Louie Smith
Monday 20th November 2006, 7:45pm

Paul Vigay is one of the most enthusiastic RISC OS devotees, and he runs Orpheus Internet as well as promoting RISC OS all over the world, especially in Hollywood. He is also the editor of the website

This is the first time that we've managed to secure Paul as a speaker for ROUGOL, and he will be talking about Orpheus Internet as well as the recently launched RISC OS Now magazine.

Come along to hear about the future of RISC OS and Paul's views on it, as well as Orpheus Internet for all your internet needs, and of course the magazine.

Louie Smith, the editor of RISC OS Now, will also be able to come along, to give an even more up to date inside view on how the magazine launch is going. There will be sample issues to view or buy at the meeting.

If you might want to subscribe to the magazine, it is worth bringing along a cheque book or cash.


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