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Developing RISC OS web browsers
Presented by John-Mark Bell and others
Monday 16th April 2007, 7:45pm

John-Mark Bell is one of the programming team behind NetSurf, a RISC OS web browser that also runs on Linux, FreeBSD and Windows, can be freely downloaded, and is open sourced under the GPL. NetSurf is seen by many RISC OS users as the most capable web browser currently available for the platform, and is the browser of first choice for most ROUGOL users.

John will hopefully be joined at our meeting by the developer of one of the other RISC OS web browsers currently undergoing active development, to give a joint talk about the challenges of web browser development, what issues are posed by the demands of the modern internet, and how they can best be addressed under RISC OS.

We are also hoping for feedback at the meeting from some of the programmers who have been involved in developing Oregano, to give their points of view on some of the practical issues discussed. They won't, however, be able to talk about Oregano itself in an official capacity.

Coincidentally, John-Mark has also very recently produced a document laying out a possible roadmap for development from version 1.0 of NetSurf - whose release is imminent - to a future version 2.0 that might support Javascript and other significant features. See this Drobe article for more details.


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