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Archimedes Software Preservation Project
Jon Abbott
Monday 16th June 2014, 7:45pm

The Archimedes Software Preservation Project aims to provide publicly available images of all legacy Archimedes software, in it's original protected state, along with the means to mount the images on both physical and emulated hardware. In addition to the disc media, boxes, manuals, artwork etc will be scanned and made available along with metadata.

Jon Abbott will talk about how the project came about, the progress so far, and what hurdles, technical and legal, have had to be overcome before the disc images can be released.

To make the disc images useable on modern RISC OS machines and emulators Jon has written ADFFS. This fixes some of the incompatibilities between old software and modern RISC OS hardware on-the-fly. Jon will demonstrate ADFFS running on a Raspberry Pi and describe some of the tricks it has to perform.

If you have any unusual software hidden away in your cupboard do get in touch with Jon, or bring it along to the meeting, so it can be added to the archive. Or better still, volunteer to help with the project!