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Photodesk Tutorial
Mike Williams
Monday 21st October

Many ROUGOL members are users of Photodesk, generally seen as the most powerful image editing and retouching package for RISC OS - the visit from Chris Hornby of Photodesk Ltd was one of our most popular.

Mike Williams, ex-editor of Acorn Publisher magazine, is a Photodesk expert of long standing, and his Photodesk tutorial sessions have been extremely well received at other user groups. He draws upon not just many years using Photodesk for both personal and professional purposes, but also his extensive tutorials in Acorn Publisher, and a library of sample images chosen especially to illustrate key points.

Mike aims primarily to give a hands-on tutorial of how to use Photodesk to the best effect, whether you're someone who has owned the package for a long time but never properly got to grips with its features (like most of us!), or an expert user who might want a few tips on particular areas. For those of you who haven't yet purchased Photodesk, this should also serve as an illustration of some of its most powerful features.

As this is a tutorial, we would also like to give members the opportunity to bring along their own computers, if you wish to follow along yourself what is being demonstrated. If you wish to do so, your computer should have a CD-ROM drive, and you will need to bring along all necessary accessories (we may be able to provide a monitor for one person only!). Please let us know if you wish to do this.


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