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DATE:   Monday 19th February 2024
SUBJECT:   Waveshare IO Board
PRESENTER:   Chris Hall
TIME:   7:45pm (although ROUGOL members start arriving at the pub from 6.30pm and the Zoom meeting will open at 7.30pm)
VENUE:   Upstairs in the Chichester or Petworth Room at The Duke of Sussex public house, 23 Baylis Road, SE1 7AY , and also Online via Zoom

The focus of this talk from Chris Hall will be the Waveshare Mini-B IO board, which Chris will be bringing along to the pub to demonstrate. This board (picture) is fitted with a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 with 4GB RAM, 16GB eMMc, a custom RTC and fan controller, a Waveshare 5V variable speed fan and a 512GB NVMe drive. All in the footprint (approx.) of a Pi model 4B.

At present the NVMe drive houses a Linux distro but it also has a filecore partition for the day when RISC OS will be able to see such drives (at present RISC OS can only see an NVMe drive if it is mounted in a USB caddy).

Chris will describe how to prepare an NVMe drive with multi-partitions on it, and also how to build a RTC/fan board using a custom PCB. He'll also talk about a similar board (RTC/fan) for the Pi Foundation IO board.

If the PCBs arrive in time from China, he will also bring a custom PCB for the Desk Pi to add a RTC - without it pointing downwards so that the box won't sit flat on the table!

The usual arrangements

Meetings are free and everyone is welcome, no booking required, just turn up at the pub. Zoom attendees contact us for the link. (If you have attended any of our previous Zoom meetings, it is the same link)

The Duke of Sussex is easily accessible by public transport from in and around London and the south east, and serves a wide range of food and drinks. All meetings benefit from a large screen display, so everyone should have a great view.

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