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DATE:   Monday 21st June 2021
(ROUGOL meets on the third monday of each month)
SUBJECT:   RISC OS in those StrongARM days
PRESENTER:   Mike Stephens, ex-Acorn and Pace programmer
TIME:   7:45pm (although the Zoom meeting will open at 7.30pm)
VENUE:   Online - contact us for Zoom link

Mike Stephens worked at Acorn from 1994 to late 1998 as a Principal Programmer. He left Acorn soon after Phoebe & Ursula were cancelled. About 2 years later, he rejoined colleagues at Pace to work further on RISC OS. His talk will be a mix of reminiscing about late-Acorn and some low-level technical details.

Some things that he worked on include:

  • Assisting ARM with validation of prototype ARM 810 processor
  • RISC OS 3.7, the substantial low-level update of the OS to support StrongARM
  • RISC OS 4/Ursula kernel for Risc PC 2/Phoebe
  • Hardware abstraction and 32-bit-clean plans for RISC OS at Pace

Michael left Pace soon after they cancelled all RISC OS work, and is excited to see there is still a love for it and there is active work after all these years!

The meeting will be held online via Zoom. Please contact us to be sent a link to the meeting on the day. (If you have attended any meeting this year, it is the same link!)

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