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NOTE: This page is not maintained and many of these links will no longer work! For historical interest only.

RISC OS is an operating system for ARM processors originally designed by Acorn Computers in the late 1980s. It is now open source and maintained by RISC OS Open Ltd.

Various Perspectives:

*RISCOS Ltd's "What is RISC OS?"
*Acorn User's - An Introduction to RISC OS
*Acorn Cybervillage - news, resources, links, etc.
*Byte Magazine - A RISC OS for all Seasons
*Drobe - RISC OS Launchpad
*H2G2 - Douglas Adams' Guide
*History of Acorn's Computers - Robert McMordie
*History of Acorns - Richard Atterer
* - news and discussion
*My RISC OS - news and discussion
* - comprehensive news, articles and links

RISC OS @ Large:

*Acorn Search - Acorn, ARM and RISC OS search engine
* - RISC OS Open Directory Project
*Filebase - searchable database of RISC OS software
*Frax - RISC OS software index
*RC5 Cracking Competition - see how the 'Acorn' team did!
*RISC OS Foundation - have you joined yet?
*RISC OS Regional Shows - there may be one near you
*RISC OS Wishlist - get your views heard

RISC OS Magazines:

*Archive - Edited by Paul Beverley. By subscription.
*Acorn User - Edited by Rob Donaldson. From WHSmith, or by subscription.
*Acorn Publisher - Edited by John Cartmell. By subscription.
*Eureka - Edited by Peter Jennings. The ARM Club Magazine
*Foundation RISC User - Edited by Richard Hallas. Free!
Try on-line before you subscribe!
*RISC World - Edited by Aaron Timbrell. CD-based, by subscription

RISC OS Programming:

RISC OS systems have always been easy to program. The machine coding is considered one of the easiest, yet powerful, to implement. Together with the world's fastest BASIC interpreter, and C/C++ support, try your hand at programming this exceptional platform.
*32-bit RISC OS Development Suite - Acorn C/C++ updated by Castle and Pace.
*Ada - class library for RISC OS
*BASIC - tutorial in 14 parts
*Chockcino - Java for RISC OS
*CVS - Concurrent Versions System for your source code
*dBoxTools - does for toolbox what FrontEnd does for templates, and more!
*Fortran - get help with the Fortran Friends
*GCC for RISC OS initiative - bringing programming up-to-date
*Java eGroup - discussion of RISC OS Java related matters
*OSLib - Open Source API Library
*PERL - port of Practical Extraction and Report Language
*PGP - all you could ever need for encryption!
*PHP 4 - PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor port for RISC OS
*Python for RISC OS - interpreted, object-orientated language
*Reporter - multitasking, BASIC program debugger
*RISC OS Documentation Project - has huge potential
*RISC OS Programmers' Initiative - RiscPCs for £100!
*Riscose - SWI level emulator of RISC OS
*Sleeve - 26-bit ARM instruction set emulator
*Straylight - Dynamic Linking System, Memory Manager, and more!
*WimpBasic - WIMP programs made easy?
*WimpDebug - interactive WIMP debugger that supports breakpoints
*WimpWorks - integrated development environment

RISC OS Connected:

RISC OS computers can be connected to any other via standard networking protocols, and also to portable devices. Herewith a growing list of connection software:

Psion et al

*ARMLink - The Acorn-Psion Connection
*ArcLink5 - transfer files to and from the Psion 5
*PsiFS - freeware connectivity for your Psion
*ChangePSI - convert between EPOC32 and RISC OS file formats
*Psionconv - Psion S5 to RISC OS file converter
*PsionLink - Psion Organiser II to RISC OS
*PsiOrg - transfer Psion 5 address book into !Organizer
*Connector - VT100/ANSI/AVATAR terminal emulator with X, Y and Z-Modem file transfer.


*BBC Micro - possibly all you need to keep your Beeb alive!
*BTTelnet - simple command line telnet client
*RSLink - transfer text files to and from another computer via the serial port
*ParaFS - Red Hot networking via the parallel port
*NetLM and ShareLM - networking essentials
*LanMan98 - easy access to PCs
*OmniClient - universal network filer for NFS, AppleTalk and LAN Manager, released under the Select scheme
*RISC OS-RISC OS - how to SERIAL link/share two RISC OS machines
*RiscX - an X server for RISC OS
*VNCViewer - VNC viewer for RISC OS

RISC OS Attacked?

Yes, RISC OS, like every good OS, has viruses! Fortunately, not many. And just like any modern computer, hard drives DO fail!

Backup! Backup!

*BackMan - a backup application
*DiscKnight - the leading disc rescue software
*FSCK - disc rescue software
*HardBack - FREE, comprehensive back-up software

Virus Problems?

*Pineapple - get your free update here! (v 3·90 - 22nd August 2002)
*VZap - claims to be definitive

RISC OS Monitored!

The following pages will help you source an appropriate Monitor Definition File (MDF) for any repacement monitor(s) you may obtain:
*The RiscPC/A7000/+ Monitor page
*Carlos M Santillán's MDF Site
*Foggy's MDF selection - includes !Makemodes

Alternatively, you might try using CustomRPC, by Thomas Olsson (updates by Michael Curtis) to edit mode files.

RISC OS Hardcopy:

Printing under RISC OS is far from complete, but careful choice of a desktop printer, or print bureau, will yield optimal results.

Desktop Printing

*RISCOS Ltd Printers - latest release, and survey results
*General Info - c/o the Cybervillage
*Photodesk - suppliers of photo-realistic printing solutions
*Explan - suppliers of printers with PrintControl utility
*Mijas Software - background batch, double-sided duplex printing
*Spooler - automatic print spooler, by David Pilling
*FastSpool+ - the fastest printer spooler?

Print Bureaux

*Akalat Publishing - low cost digital printing, colour or b/w
*Micro Laser Designs - Acorn Friendly Print Bureau
*PRINTMAKER - Acorn Friendly Print Bureau
*T J Reproductions - Acorn Friendly Print Bureau
*Triffid Enterprises - London-based DTP services

RISC OS Training:

No matter how intuitive an OS, sometimes you just have to be shown. The following offer courses or assistance in training under RISC OS:
*Lexicon Lifeline - NAACE accredited In Service Training Provider
*Prioritas - educational training (any platform)

Last updated February 2006