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Neil Spellings
Monday 21st April 2003 (Easter Monday), 19:30

As most of you will know, Aemulor is a software utility for the Iyonix, which allows 26-bit software to run on the X-Scale processor. It even enables the Iyonix to run some software that won't work on a pre-StrongARM Risc PC - and there's yet more to come in the Pro version of Aemulor. In short, it's the solution for those who have older or no longer supported applications that you want to run on your Iyonix.

We hope to have two or more Iyonix systems at the venue, and Neil will hopefully be bringing along the latest version of the Aemulor software, so this is another good chance to try out what you can run on the Iyonix (and how quickly), both under emulation and otherwise.

Because ROUGOL now has its own fully functional Risc PC, we may even get the chance to make some speed comparisons against "old" hardware too. Do bring along any software you would like to try.

As one half of the Aemulor team, Neil should be able to answer your questions about what works already, what might be made to work in the future, and additional details of what's planned for the Pro version. Perhaps some of the history as well! If you'd like to learn more about Aemulor before the meeting, see


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