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Organizer - organise your life with RISC OS!
Chris Morison
Monday 18th August 2003, 19:45

Organizer is one of the big successes of the RISC OS shareware market, used by a great many users to plan and organise what's going on in their lives (including user group meetings...). The best person to tell us about the software, how it came about, and future plans, is its author, Chris Morison.

For those of you who are using an older version of Organizer (perhaps packaged along with your Iyonix or an older machine), remember that this is a shareware product, and you can gain access to the latest versions for a payment of ten pounds to Chris. This brings you the latest features - including some of those demonstated at our meeting - and of course eventually some of those shown in the wishlist we saw!

For the latest version, now developed by Martin Avison for North One Communications Ltd, click here.