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Upgrading the ROUGOL Risc PC
Many contributors
Monday 20th January 2003, 7:45pm

At this meeting we hope to carry out the following upgrades to the ROUGOL Risc PC (not necessarily in this order) :

  • upgrade RAM from 4MB to 64MB
  • install IDE CD-ROM drive
  • upgrade operating system from RISC OS 3.5 to RISC OS 4.02
  • install RISC OS Select, bringing operating system to RISC OS 4.34
  • install 10Mbit network card
  • install SCSI-1 podule card
  • re-install PC card software (and Windows?)
  • some other things I've forgotten
  • If you don't normally carry out upgrades on your own RISC OS computer, this will be a great chance to watch a Risc PC being taken apart, and ask questions (there should even be an intermittent running commentary). If you've done this sort of thing before, then please do come along and lend a hand.

    ** It is very important for future meetings that we get the group's computer into a fit condition for demonstrations et cetera, so I'm hoping everyone will be able to help out.

    We may also be able to demonstrate networking the Risc PC to a Windows and/or Linux laptop. If anyone is able to bring along such a laptop (or any other system with a network card), please let me know. It would help if you could bring the required leads as well!

    If anyone has a spare ARM710 or StrongARM processor card, these would also be useful. In addition, do please bring along any RISC OS software that can be installed on the ROUGOL computer (copyright permitting!)

    Now that it appears the donated CD-ROM drive is either faulty, or incompatible with the system's Connor IDE hard disk, we will be attempting to upgrade the computer to RISC OS 4 using an image from a second hard disk, rather than CD. If you can lend ROUGOL an alternative CD drive (either temporarily or permanently!), then please do bring it along. This also applies to those who have already offered CD drives when we thought we had everything working.

    As with any largely unprepared "live" upgrade demonstration, all of the above is likely to go horribly wrong, however for once that will be part of the fun of the event...

    We'll also have the opportunity to demonstrate the effect of some of the most popular "deliberate mistakes" (such as wondering why the computer won't start up, and then eventually realising it's because the CPU card is still lying on a table on the other side of the room).


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