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Networking RISC OS and other platforms
Andrew Davis
Monday 20th October 2003, 7:30pm

Over the years, we've heard repeated rumours that some RISC OS users also own and use other sorts of computers, including Windows ones. For those who choose to go down this route, networking your various computers together is a very worthwhile investment. For those of us who own several RISC OS computers, networking is still extremely convenient.

Not everyone finds this as straightforward as it might be, so a practical and comprehensive cross-platform networking evening has been one of our most frequently requested topics.

ROUGOL is fortunate to have several members who have a variety of experience setting up interworking between RISC OS and other systems. Andrew Davis (sometime owner of three Windows computers, a Risc PC, a RiscStation and a Linux system) will be leading this presentation, with contributions from Neil Spellings and Tommy Lowe for specific areas.

We've had requests to include everything from cabling to filename conversion, so we're going to attempt to cover as much as possible, hopefully including explanation and/or demonstration of:

  • what cables you need
  • hubs, switches, and "Broadband Internet Gateway Switches"
  • 10Mbit, 100Mbit and Iyonix (1000Mbit) speeds, hdx and fdx
  • what a subnet mask is, and why you should care
  • diagnosing connectivity problems
  • exactly where to set each value in each operating system
  • essential standard network applications (ping, ftp, telnet, http...)
  • proprietry network applications (ShareFS and others)
  • software you might use under RISC OS (!Samba, !LanMan98 etc)
  • filename conversion and file compatibility between systems
  • sharing a Windows XP internet connection with a RISC OS computer
  • broadband internet connections just using RISC OS
  • printing from RISC OS to a printer connected to a Windows computer
  • printing from RISC OS through Windows via R-Comp's UniPrint
  • printing from RISC OS via a network attached HP JetDirect device
  • wireless networking
  • IP over AC power lines (if anyone is interested!)
  • The emphasis will be on understanding how to get the basics working, so even complete beginners should be able to follow.

    Thanks to the generosity of members, ROUGOL has its own Risc PC with network card, RISC OS 4 and Select. At least three members plan to bring along laptops running Windows XP, and there are also plans for *two* video projectors to be present, so everyone should have a great view. No-one has yet offered to bring a Linux or MacOS system.

    If you would like to bring along your own computer (of whatever sort), please do so. If necessary, we're quite happy to show you how to set up your system to talk to the others there, so that you have the job "half complete" when you take it home to connect to your other computers. (We are particularly keen for someone to bring along a "Windows XP Home" computer, as apparently there are significant differences compared with "Windows XP Pro").

    Andrew Davis is hoping to be at the venue from 6:30pm onwards, so if you're planning to arrive early, do feel free to bring along any initial questions or queries you may have. This should give us a little more time for all the many topics on the agenda...

    Notes from the ROUGOL networking evening are now on the website.


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