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Harriet Bazley
Monday 19th July 2004, 7:45pm

Harriet is one of many keen users of the StrongEd text editor, and will be pointing out its advantages and giving an in depth demonstration of some of the numerous features that make it her editor of choice. Even if you've been an enthusiastic StrongEd user for years, there should be a great deal to find out (or be reminded of).

Harriet is also author or maintainer of a wide range of RISC OS software, and will hopefully be demonstrating DDF2Html and StylePick for use with Impression, and also Textseek and SideDiff. If time allows, still more utilities might be demonstrated briefly.

We might also be able to find a small amount of time for editor wars (any Zap fans out there?), and of course there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

This is likely to be a very informative meeting, particularly given the wide range of software being demonstrated, so don't miss it. It will also benefit from a video projector, so that everyone can have a great view.

More information about, and downloads of, some of the software mentioned, can be found at


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