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The way forward for RISC OS
Tommy Lowe
Monday 21st June 2004, 7:30pm

Following the recent announcement of a six week consultation period for the future development of RISC OS, ROUGOL will be joining in the process in June by devoting our meeting to a workshop for discussion of which features would most benefit RISC OS users.

Tommy Lowe will be directing the meeting and helping to organise the suggestions that are put forward. He has prepared a short introductory presentation about possible areas of development, and will be using a projector to demonstrate the options on the "big screen", plus a whiteboard to organise people's thoughts and ideas.

Projecting from ROUGOL's Risc PC running RISC OS 4.37 will also give a chance to show what a different "branch" of RISC OS has implemented in each area.

You are encouraged to bring your own ready-made list of ideas, to help streamline the discussion. Once the discussion reaches (we hope) a sensible set of conclusions, in order of priority for our members, ROUGOL will be compiling the results into a document for Castle's perusal and feedback into the RISC OS development project (known as "Merlin").

It seems to be only once a decade that ordinary RISC OS users get this sort of chance to give their views on the way forward for RISC OS development, so make sure you take this opportunity to get involved. Even as well as the obvious benefits of making our views known, it should be a very interesting evening too.

Note that the discussion will not be considering "political" aspects, such as the relationship between RISCOS Ltd with their Select scheme and Castle with RISC OS 5 developments. The focus will be entirely on what future RISC OS developments we would like to see from the Merlin project.

After the main discussion is completed, this meeting will also hopefully benefit from a brief update on events at the RISC OS Expo in Holland.


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