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Aemulor Pro plus CinoDVD
Neil Spellings
Monday 15th March 2004, 7:45pm

Aemulor is the utility which allows a wide variety of 26-bit, and even pre-Risc PC, software to run on the Iyonix. Last year Neil demonstrated the basic version of Aemulor at ROUGOL. Now Aemulor Pro is being launched, providing support for an even wider range of applications, including Sibelius, Lanman98, CDROMFS, Win95FS, CFS, Elite, and a great deal else. It also provides considerable speed improvements over the basic version.

Neil will be demonstrating and talking about Aemulor Pro, hopefully with the aid of a video projector. This is your opportunity to see what now works, hear about what's planned to work in the future, and put pressure on Neil to ensure that your favourite applications are supported in forthcoming versions.

You are encouraged to bring along any software that you would like to see tested under Aemulor Pro, or would like Neil to investigate.

Neil may also be able to talk about the forthcoming CinoDVD, but any demonstration of this will be limited. This is also a chance to see Neil's alternative Iyonix case, see-through with fluorescent lights.

The latest version of Aemulor can now be downloaded from the author, Adrian Lees, website.