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March 2004 | Aemulor Pro & !CinoDVD (Neil Spellings)

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Aemulor is the utility which allows a wide variety of 26-bit, and even pre-Risc PC, software to run on the Iyonix. Last year Neil demonstrated the basic version of Aemulor at ROUGOL. Now Aemulor Pro is being launched, providing support for an even wider range of applications, including Sibelius, Lanman98, CDROMFS, Win95FS, CFS, Elite, and a great deal else. It also provides considerable speed improvements over the basic version.

Charles Barraball? reviews ROUGOL's March meeting:

It was good to see some fresh faces at this meeting, well attended by avid fans of Aemulor, ably presented by Neil Spellings, who foresaw the early release of the Aemulor Pro version. This caters for more 26bit programmes and runs many in a better fashion than before.

Neil flew ArcElite, and Pushy (which had one member twitching with barely suppressed excitement), games of some vintage, and a range of other programs.
These were clearly seen via the club's projector, a great boon.

Neil is keen to hear of things which do not run well as they might under Aemulor, as they want to develop the Pro version to be as useful as possible.

There was the usual knowledgeable audience, awed a little by the glowing blue neon of Neil's Iyonix, but fortified by fine Merlot, Stella, and gorgeous curries served by the Blue Eyed Maid.

The release of Cino, the DVD player, is on hold until the launch of AemulorPro; there is much to develop, still, mainly on the sound side, but the meeting was shown clips of various films which showed impressivly smooth picture quality.

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