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The PANTHER and X100
Jack Lillingston and John Ballance, Castle Technology Ltd
Monday 17th May 2004, 7:45pm

This is your chance to see and play with Castle's new Panther computer, a limited edition variant of the Iyonix. This hybrid features the same X-Scale RISC processor as the original Iyonix, but with a totally different glossy full-size black ATX case with a mirrored front, temperature gauge, other "fancy" features, and enough space for eleven drives (instead of four or five in the original Iyonix). It comes with 512MB RAM, 120GB hard disk, and a CD re-writer, for the same price (and with the same special offers) as an ordinary Iyonix with the same specification.

Castle CEO Jack Lillingston will be projecting on our big screen his presentation on the IYONIX pc in its three main variants, and Castle's view of the future of RISC OS. Jack will also be answering questions about the Iyonixes and Castle's other products.

Castle's Chief Technical Officer, John Ballance, will be present at the meeting to carry out stability fixes to the Iyonixes of any members that require them. Unless overwhelmed by demand for his soldering skills, John should also have the time to answer in depth technical questions and offer advice on how to get the most out of your Iyonix.

Neil Spellings will also be at the meeting, and will be happy to answer any queries about Aemulor, the newly released Aemulor Pro, or Cino (the DVD player for the Iyonix) after the main presentation. Note that Aemulor and Aemulor Pro are only normally distributed via the internet, so Neil will not have any copies for sale for you to take away. However, he may be happy to accept payments by cash or cheque...

Castle may or may not be bringing computers to sell on the evening. If you may like to take away a new Iyonix (or any other product) the same day, you should contact Castle in advance. Note that email is not recommended for this purpose, as Castle will be away at the Wakefield show from (roughly) midday Friday until late Monday morning.

N.B. On Castle's last visit to ROUGOL there were over sixty visitors, so you may wish to arrive before 7pm if you would like a seat near the front.


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