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Cineroma Video Player
David McEwen
Monday 18th April 2005, 7:45pm

Cineroma is one of the most eagerly awaited applications for the RISC OS platform, and this will be its first public demonstration.

Cineroma plays a huge variety of video and audio formats, particularly those commonly found on the internet. It utilises features of the graphics card and X-Scale CPU found in the Iyonix to improve performance and add features, however it will also run (much more slowly) on a StrongARM Risc PC.

Cineroma is carefully designed to be an extensible system, so its author describes it as "trivial to add new stuff". This is particularly important because video formats change relatively quickly. It is planned that Cineroma will be freeware, and the source code will be freely available.

Cineroma's author, David McEwen, will be talking about the history and development of Cineroma, and using his own Iyonix to display a wide variety of movie formats playing under RISC OS. There will also be an opportunity for questions and discussion.

David's profession is as a software developer in the video games industry. He has also written various emulator and interpreter software to allow RISC OS users to run console games and "classic" graphical adventure games, and is working on other games software for RISC OS as well. So he will also be talking about and demonstrating some of this software too.

More information about Cineroma and David's other software can be found at


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