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James Bursa
Monday 15th August 2005, 7:45pm

This is the final event in our summer of web browsers. James Bursa, one of the programmers of the NetSurf web browser, will be demonstrating the browser running on an Iyonix computer (and, if time allows, the club's own StrongARM Risc PC), talking about new and forthcoming developments, and answering questions.

We also plan to ask James to discuss "how to install NetSurf on your RISC OS computer - a very simple demonstration".

NetSurf is a free and open source web browser for RISC OS which you can download from The stated aim of the NetSurf project is to bring HTML4 and CSS2 standards to the RISC OS platform. In practice this means that it supports a far wider range of modern websites than most currently available commercial RISC OS web browsers. It is also generally perceived to be less resource hungry (in terms of RAM and CPU power) than Firefox and the forthcoming Oregano 3.

NetSurf is under development, and current versions are described as test builds only. However, a great many "ordinary users" have very happily downloaded NetSurf, and for many it is now their preferred web browser. Its one significant lack is Javascript support (not to be confused with Java support), but this does not prevent it from accessing a very wide range of modern websites, at considerable speed.

The Iyonix for the evening should also be extra special; we're hoping to have with us either "the incredible Death Star Iyonix and prototype for Castle's Panther", or "the original Smallest Iyonix In The World and prototype for Castle's new Aria-cased Iyonix". You'll be able to chat to the individual concerned about how not to do this at home. (We should note that neither machine is an official Castle prototype).

ROUGOL now has wireless internet access, so we're hoping to be able to show NetSurf accessing internet sites of your choice. If you've ever wondered why friends, acquaintances, and indeed complete strangers keep rushing up to you at user group meetings and asking whether you've tried the latest version of NetSurf, now is your chance to find out.


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