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Stewart Brookes
Monday 17th January 2005, 7:45pm

Icon Technology produce one of the cornerstones of RISC OS productivity software. Their range includes Writer and Writer+ which are available to almost all RISC OS users through being bundled with other products, EasiWriter for those who need a fully functional word processor with Word import and export, and TechWriter which adds sophisticated equation editing. The Pro+ versions go further by adding even more facilities, and development work on further improvements is being done by Martin Wuerthner, who already revitalised the legendary Artworks.

Stewart Brookes returns as our speaker to show us what EasiWriter and TechWriter can do. The latest versions of EasiWriter and TechWriter ship with a full copy of the Citation bibliographical reference manager, so there will be a demonstration of how Citation can be used to best effect with EasiWriter. Other topics will be how to define styles, using DDF commands, and how to customise Easi/TechWriter.

We also have a detailed enquiry from a user group member on how to replace their quite sophisticated use of Impression with an EasiWriter solution. Stewart will hopefully be tackling this "live", as well as talking more generally about EasiWriter's advantages. (Remember, most of you already have a free copy of Writer or Writer+, so even if these don't do what you want, you probably qualify for a discount on the full EasiWriter or TechWriter packages).


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