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Peter Naulls
Monday 20th June 2005, 7:30pm

One of the most common requests from RISC OS users in the last few years has been a web browser that can cope with more of the most recent websites.

Peter Naulls aims to address this issue by providing a native RISC OS version of the Firefox web browser that has proved hugely popular on Linux, UNIX, Windows and other systems, and is currently seen as the main competitor to Microsoft Internet Explorer across all computer platforms.

Firefox on RISC OS aims to provide access to more websites than any current RISC OS browser, and promises easier updating because the Firefox browser itself is an open source project.

Firefox does require substantial system resources (64MB RAM as an absolute minimum, and a processor faster than a StrongARM is recommended), but will run on Risc PC systems.

Peter's Firefox browser port draws on work done as part of the UNIX Porting Project by a variety of people. It will be freely available for download when complete, however Peter does ask for pledges of small cash amounts to help the development.

Peter will be demonstrating Firefox on RISC OS and answering questions about its development and planned release, as well as accepting donations towards the project, and selling UNIX Porting Project CDs which contain a huge variety of RISC OS software prepared by the project.

For further information on the UNIX Porting Project, Peter's document "The RISC OS Browser Issue", and the RISC OS port of Firefox, see:

ROUGOL now also benefits from a wireless internet connection at the venue.


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