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The A9home RISC OS Computer
Stuart Tyrrell
Monday 21st November 2005, 7:45pm

The A9home is an ARM9 powered RISC OS computer providing a wide range of functionality in an extremely small casing and at a very affordable price. It has been developed by Stuart Tyrrell Developments, and is due to be released by CJE Microcomputers during 2006.

A large number of developer versions of the A9home have already been shipped to software authors, and some experienced users have also received early versions of the machine. Many popular applications are already reported to be running happily on the machine, with or without assistance from the new version of the Aemulor software available for the A9home.

Stuart will be demonstrating the A9home and talking about what it offers to RISC OS users. As Stuart is likely to be able to stay much later than most of our usual speakers, there should also be plenty of opportunity to try things out on the system, to question him closely about different aspects of the A9home, or to sign up for the "experienced user beta programme".


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