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Keith Dunlop
Monday 16th January 2006, 7:45pm

This meeting features the PCI-TV expansion card for the Iyonix, available for a few tens of pounds to give your Iyonix TV-in-a-window facilities, with software provided for free by Simon Wilson. The card can also take input from TV-compatible devices such as videos and DVD players.

Keith Dunlop will be demonstrating and talking about the PCI-TV card and the associated software for the Iyonix. He will also talk about his own experiences upgrading, modifying and occasionally destroying graphics cards in Iyonixes, as well as Iyonix PCI in general and the uses to which it ought to be put. He might also have a few thoughts about Castle's future plans for Iyonix graphics cards, and there may be some information about PCI-TV on other RISC OS computers.

Keith Dunlop and Bryan Hogan both own different versions of self-contained joystick devices that incorporate arcade games from the 1980's, and can be plugged into any TV-like device to provide instant nostalgic fun. Like any TV format input, these also work with PCI-TV in the Iyonix, so there will be a brief demonstration, possibly followed in the last part of the evening by a prolonged gaming session.


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