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DiscKnight, Messenger Pro, and more
Charles Barraball
Monday 20th March 2006, 7:45pm

In a change to ROUGOL's advertised programme, the March meeting will see a demonstration of a variety of key software. Most of you should already have and use David Ruck's DiscKnight, but Charles Barraball will be demonstrating it as well as explaining why it is so important if you value your data.

A former ROUGOL member once contacted the Vatican to propose sainthood for DiscKnight's author, after a long-lost and particularly vital hard disk was resurrected. The proposal was withdrawn after it was explained that sainthood is only available to those who are dead (and David is still very much alive).

Charles will also be demonstrating the latest version of Messenger Pro, and talking about its advantages. In addition, he will be showing how he has solved problems with importing RTF into Ovation Pro.

As this is an open meeting, visitors are also invited to bring along any tips, tricks and particularly valuable software of their own. Are there particular bits of software that you find invaluable? Have you worked out a way of doing things that others might not be aware of? If so, please demonstrate them briefly at our meeting.


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