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Drobe Website
Editor Chris Williams
Monday 16th October 2006, 8pm

Drobe is the most popular RISC OS website, with wide-ranging and regularly updated RISC OS news coverage, feature articles, tutorials and other resources, accompanied by much comment and discussion from its users. Drobe articles have both inspired ROUGOL meetings and reported on them, and Drobe has also provoked much controversy and criticism from different RISC OS companies, most recently from RISCOS Ltd.

Chris Williams is Drobe's editor and principal reporter. He will be talking about what Drobe aims to cover and why, how it is run from both an editorial and technical standpoint, its importance for RISC OS and its perception in the wider world, and much more. Most people have some opinion on Drobe's RISC OS coverage, so everyone is sure to find this interesting.

Chris also welcomes feedback, criticism and suggestions for the site, and will be happy to answer any questions. The evening should also give you a chance to hear some of Chris' own personal opinions about matters in the RISC OS world, perhaps including the recent announcement from RISC OS Open Ltd.


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