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Using RISC OS as a local councillor
John Ward
Monday 18th June 2007, 7:45pm

John Ward is a local councillor in the Rochester area of Kent, who uses RISC OS for his council work, and has been demonstrating the use of RISC OS and the paperless office to other less technical councillors. Some of you will have seen his series of articles in Qercus magazine. Along the way, he has created a rather unique website (now offline), and also collected some unusual anecdotes.

At ROUGOL's June meeting we're hoping to see all this and more demonstrated, with explanations of exactly how everything works; and humorous Drawfiles! John is likely to be presenting on the same machine that he takes into the Council Chamber.

(John was successfully re-elected in last month's local elections).

If all goes according to plan, John should be able to chat with early visitors well before the official start time. The plan is that little of the evening's content will be specifically political.

John's many interests (apart from local government and RISC OS) include science fiction, poetry, pokemon, and certain railway locomotives, so it's possible that some of these will get a mention as well.


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