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Graphic Design with ArtWorks 2.7
Martin Wuerthner (MW Software)
Monday 21st May 2007, 7:45pm

Martin has just released ArtWorks 2.7, which includes support for multi-page documents and multi-page PDF export, as well as many other new features. He has also now released AWRender 2 as a free download for the first time.

ArtWorks is described by Martin as "the only RISC OS program that can create PDF files with full CMYK colour support, high-quality masked sprites of any colour depth and advanced graphical effects such as graduated fills and transparency." It was voted the best commercial software by Drobe readers in 2004 and 2005.

Martin will mainly be focusing on ArtWorks in his presentation, but will also be able to answer questions about Gutenprint, Easi/TechWriter and other areas including the proposed PostScript 3 driver.

Martin will be able to sell software at the meeting, however you may wish to bring cash for any purchases because credit card facilities will probably not be available.

More information about Martin's various products can be found at except for EasiWriter and TechWriter whose website is at

There should be a chance to see the new RISC OS Community Mouse Mat from RISC OS Open Ltd at the meeting, and hopefully a chance to buy one as well. The meeting will also be an opportunity to catch up on news from the Wakefield Show (19th May) from those who visited it.

The meeting will benefit from video projection with ROUGOL's new video projector, so everyone should have a better view than ever before.


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