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Archive Magazine
Jim Nagel
Monday 17th September 2007, 7:45pm

Jim Nagel is taking over from Paul Beverley as editor of Archive Magazine. Jim has been involved in RISC OS journalism for a long time, including spending some years editing the popular RISC OS column in Computer Shopper magazine.

Jim will be talking about what's in his first ever issue of Archive, and also the experience of taking over as editor, and discussing the future direction of the magazine and what you would like to see in it.

There will be Archive back issues and CDs for sale at the meeting, as well as subscriptions. Payment by cash, cheque or card should hopefully all be possible.

This is a big change in the RISC OS market after more than twenty years with Paul Beverley in charge of the magazine, and it will also be Jim Nagel's first public appearance as editor, so it's a meeting not to be missed.

This meeting will also see the first use of our newly purchased audio amplification equipment, so everyone should find the talk easier to hear as well!


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