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ROUGOL is a not-for-profit organisation consisting of Acorn/RISC OS computer users in London and the south-east. Our aim is to bring those users together. There is no membership fee and entry to all meetings is free. To find out more, email us.


Meetings are held on the third Monday of every month. Most meetings feature a guest speaker, demonstrating the latest hardware or software, giving tutorials of software both new and old, or simply to kick off discussions on the current hot topic. Entrance is free, so why not come along and say hello?

Next meeting - Monday 20th August 2018 
Meet the mini.m and si.zeRO - Bryan Hogan

For those that couldn't make it to the Wakefield show, this month we will have RComp's recently released new machine the mini.m (pronounced "minim") on display for everyone to have a play with and marvel at its tiny size.

The mini.m is basically an ARMX6 squeezed down into a two-inch cube! Despite being small enough to fit in a pocket, it has the same CPU, 2GB RAM, high end graphics (up to 4k resolution), high quality audio over HDMI, gigabit ethernet, and SATA connectivity. To go along with the small size, it is also less than half the price :-)

We will also have a sneak preview of a couple of RISCOSbits products due for release at the London Show in October. First is the mini.mSATA, an mSATA "dock" for the mini.m, enabling the tidy addition of an mSATA SSD drive.

However if the mini.m seems a bit too big(!), then RISCOSbits second new product is for you. The si.zeRO is about a third of the volume, being based around a Raspberry Pi Zero with added USB and ethernet ports, all packaged in an acrylic case.

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Future Meetings
20 Aug: Meet the mini.m and si.zeRO
17 Sep: Acorns in Aerospace Testing, Keith Emerton
15 Oct: TBC
19 Nov: TBC

If there is a topic you would like to see covered, or (even better!) if there is a subject/program you would like to talk about or demonstrate, please contact us.

London Show
The next RISC OS London Show is on Saturday 27th October 2018.

Recent Meetings
July: DrawScript, David Lane - web references
June: RPCemu, Matthew and Peter Howkins - Peter's slides and Matthew's slides
May: Raspberry Pi Interfacing with BBC BASIC, Andrew Conroy, Owl Art Un Ltd
April: 30 years up in ARMs, Clive Semmens - Summary...
March: Game Development, Square Games and AMCOG Games
February: ARMs, ARMs, everywhere, Bryan Hogan
January: The Year Ahead
November: Hard problems and why they're important, Dr Colin Wright, Denbridge Marine
October: DiscKnight, David Ruck
September: Return to RISC OS, Jason Tribbeck

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If you see a topic that hasn't been covered for a while that you think needs revisiting, please let us know.