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ROUGOL is a not-for-profit organisation consisting of RISC OS users in London and the south-east. Our aim is to bring those users together. There is no membership fee and entry to all meetings is free. To find out more, email us.


Meetings are held on the third Monday of every month. Most meetings feature a guest speaker, demonstrating the latest hardware or software, giving tutorials of software both new and old, or simply to kick off discussions on the current hot topic. Entrance is free, so why not come along and say hello?


The next RISC OS London Show is on Saturday 25th October 2014. Visit the show website for more information.

Next meeting - Monday 21st July 2014 
Beginners Guide to Interfacing - Neil Fazakerley

Anyone who has attended the London Show will be familiar with the sight of Neil Fazakerley's robots, controlled by the BBC Micro, RiscPC and, more recently, Raspberry Pi.

At this month's meeting Neil is aiming to persuade more people to have a go at connecting with real-world objects - 'physical computing'. This is as opposed to the usual virtual world that most code inhabits, in which its output never really leaves the system. To that end, he will be bringing along some examples to demonstrate simple, baby steps that can be taken for those who would like to get started with their existing hardware.

This will start with a quick explanation of GPIO access and a simple demo of how to activate LEDs. Then Neil will introduce a very early version of his current project - a model railway DCC command control system written in BBC BASIC - to show how controlling just a single GPIO line can have very powerful external results.

Finally, he'll cover the much under-used USB port, to show how it too can control external hardware - using the ubiquitous yellow Maplin robot arm as an example - and how you can write a powerful USB control program with just twenty-five lines of BASIC (yes, really, just half a screenful) - and no extra drivers, modules or libraries to load (unlike Linux).

There may even be a small goody bag for Raspberry Pi and Beagleboard-xM owners to take away to help them try their hand at GPIO programming in BBC BASIC :-)

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Future Meetings
18 Aug: TBC
15 Sep: Game Development, Andrew Hutchings (Chocks Away, SF3000)
20 Oct: TBC
25 Oct: RISC OS London Show
17 Nov: TBC

If there is a topic you would like to see covered, or (even better!) if there is a subject/program you would like to talk about or demonstrate, please contact us.

Recent Meetings
June: Archimedes Software Preservation Project, Jon Abbott
May: Scratch, Squeak and Smalltalk. Tim Rowledge and Bernard Boase
April: Beebs, Shadow RAM, Music 500, and ArcElite. Chris Jordan, Hybrid Technology

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If you see a topic that hasn't been covered for a while that you think needs revisiting, please let us know.