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Aleph One PC Cards
Paul C. Robinson and Tomislav Simnett
Wednesday 1st March 2000, 7:15pm

Paul is familiar to many of you through his support role at Aleph One and his active involvement in providing information on the comp.sys.acorn newsgroups.

He will be talking about the most common problems (and solutions!) for users of x86 second processor cards in Risc PCs, and we will have a system up and running for demonstrations (although there will probably be no projection equipment on this occasion).

In addition - and of particular interest to many of you who *don't* have PC cards - he will also be talking about Aleph One's involvement in the ARMLinux project, planning to make ARMLinux easier, better, and more accessible (both to RISC OS users and others).  Aleph One are also still investigating Linux for the PC card as well, so here is a chance to get more information.

Tomislav Simnett is one of the very select group of Acorn dealers who are actually located within the M25, and was recently interviewed in Acorn User. He'll be giving a brief talk on his perspective on the RISC OS market, and will also answer questions.

We expect the event to be fairly informal, so it is a good opportunity to ask questions, discuss RISC OS things generally, and talk about what you'd like to see.