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RISC OS 4+ and Select
Paul Middleton (Managing Director, RISCOS Ltd)
Monday 19th November 2001, 7:30pm

Paul will demonstrate and talk about RISC OS 4+ and Select, and of course answer questions. There will also be an opportunity for more general discussion both before and after the main presentation - it is likely that there will be ROUGOL members at the venue from 6:30pm and until around 10:30pm.

A great many RISC OS enthusiasts have signed up to Select, but on the other hand a great many have held back because they haven't yet seen it working or heard first-hand details of every single improvement involved. On a similar visit to MAUG, Paul spent well over two hours demonstrating and/or explaining each improvement - and still left out a great deal!

So there is a lot of detail involved in seeing what is offered - and what foundations Select lays for the future (remember this release is just the first installment of the first volume).

There will be a video projector and screen at this meeting, so everyone can be sure of a great view; and The Blue Eyed Maid (different from our usual venue) can seat up to fifty people, so there will be no problem with over-crowding.