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MicroDigital Omega computer
Bryan Hogan and Stewart Brookes
Monday 21st February 2005, 7:45pm

The Omega is probably one of the most talked about RISC OS computers of all time, offering significant advantages over the StrongARM Risc PC, and with further features still under development.

Numerous attempts to arrange demonstrations of the Omega in central London failed for a variety of reasons, but we are now very pleased to present a demonstration of an Omega by Bryan Hogan. Bryan will be showing off the Omega's speed and application compatibility, as well as explaining the applications for which it meets his needs better than the alternatives.

In addition, in Bryan's own words, "Knowing how cynical some people are, I'm planning to prove the network card works by linking it up to my Acorn A4 laptop". There may also be a StrongARM Risc PC at the meeting for speed comparisons.

Also hoping to be at the meeting is Stewart Brookes, who has been the star speaker at two of our recent presentations, as well as the only other Omega user we've ever found in the London area. Stewart has owned an Omega for quite some time, and should be able to assist in answering any questions you may have about the machine, as well as talking about his own requirements that made the Omega the best choice for him.

A report on this meeting can be read here.