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Iyonix sound expansion and other developments
Keith Dunlop
Monday 21st April 2008, 7:45pm

Keith has use of two Iyonixes and an A9home, and is always eager to try out the latest that is available for them... especially audio!

Ever since the launch of the Iyonix, Keith has been campaigning for better audio facilities than its built in sound chip provides. Thanks to the PCI expansion capabilities, a cheaply available PCI sound card with much better quality can now be used with the Iyonix.

Keith will be demonstrating and talking about the sound card, and also about some of the newly available software that has come about through the RISC OS Open Ltd (ROOL) project.

The RISC OS Open project is the best long term hope for future development of RISC OS, and a range of improvements are now available through the project that you may not be aware of. Come along to the meeting, find out more, and ask questions.

As most of you will know, Keith is also involved with the RISC OS Connect scheme, so you can ask for updates on that front as well.

And finally, since we'll have all the sound set up for all of this, we'll also hopefully be doing our long overdue demonstration of MusicMan from R-Comp.