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RISC OS Connect (and the A9home portable)
Paul Stewart
Monday 21st January 2008, 7:45pm

The RISC OS Connect scheme aims to collect and direct resources (both financial and practical) to help in solving problem areas in the RISC OS world... especially software development. Paul Stewart, with help from Keith Dunlop, will be talking about the scheme and demonstrating the online skills and resources database which will be a key part of taking it forward.

RISC OS Connect has taken a long time to get off the ground, but it's a very important initiative for the future of RISC OS and filling some of the gaps that are out there. This is your chance to see how you can get involved and what the future holds.

Paul has also built an A9home portable computer, complete with its own battery power supply, which won the runner up prize for Best Show of Initiative in the Drobe 2007 awards. This will also be at the meeting, and Paul may talk a little about his plans for the next one!

In addition, Peter Howkins has kindly offered to bring his remarkable A7000 based "lego laptop", and Charles Hope may be able to bring an old Acorn A4 laptop. So this is a chance to compare three markedly different RISC OS laptop solutions.

Not only that, but we should also be able to take a look at some RISC OS software that most of you have never seen before... come along to the meeting and watch and listen carefully to find out more.