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RPCemu on Linux
Keith Dunlop and Bryan Hogan
Monday 17th November 2008, 7:45pm

At this meeting we are planning a variety of demonstrations and discussion of RPCemu on different hardware.

RPCemu is a free and open source Risc PC emulator for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

The EeePC is a subnotebook computer produced by Asus, in various versions offering Linux or Windows XP operating systems, small size and weight, low power consumption, low cost, and the option of using solid state drives instead of a hard disk.

Keith will be following the excellent guide from the site to demonstrate how to get the emulator up and running on his extensively upgraded EeePC, hopefully covering transferring the RISC OS ROM images from a Risc PC, building the emulator, and setting up networking. This is quite an involved process so could prove interesting.

Bryan will be showing how the process differs on a "standard" Ubuntu Linux system on an ordinary laptop, and show common RISC OS applications running including Netsurf, ArtWorks and TechWriter.

Stewart Brookes will hopefully also be showing how his Eee PC 1000 with a slightly different version of Linux fares with the same task.

Chris Williams is hoping to bring along a Mac OS X system with RPCemu installed, so that everyone can see how well it runs on a Mac. Chris did the port of RPCemu to PowerPC-based Mac systems, so can also talk a little about how it works.

As often happens, there may be some discussion about why the ordinary user might prefer (or not prefer) free and open source software such as Linux and RPCemu over the chargeable alternatives such as Microsoft Windows.

Keith has also promised to begin by explaining, "Why I, of all people, am considering using an emulator to run RISC OS!". He has also dismantled his Eee PC to upgrade it, and can talk about his experiences with the machine.

The material is likely to be more technical than many of our recent talks, but there will be a very wide variety of things to see so it should be a fun evening for all.