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RISC OS in the real world
Keith Dunlop
Monday 21st September 2009, 7:45pm

Keith Dunlop is in the unusual, and many would say lucky, situation of using RISC OS in his day job. He will be showing us how he uses EasiWriter and Artworks to produce manuals for Windows software, as well as his use of RISC OS for other aspects of his fairly unusual job.

As the proud owner of an A9home, two heavily customised Iyonixes, and an Eee PC running RISC OS under emulation on Linux - not to mention his past adventures actually assembling the Risc PCs that many of us still sometimes use - Keith can talk about almost every aspect of RISC OS ownership.

Even better, Keith is hoping to bring along for this meeting, his latest addition to this collection - a Revision 'C' Beagleboard. Unlike the Revision 'B' boards demonstrated by RISC OS Open Ltd at our July meeting, the Revision 'C' board has working USB, so this is a chance to see the RISC OS desktop up and running on this potential brand new modern hardware platform for the future of the operating system.