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The audience

ARM History and Future
Sophie Wilson
Monday 19th April 2010, 7:45pm

For ROUGOL's April meeting we are very excited (ok, so we're geeks!) to have Sophie Wilson as our guest speaker.

Sophie was with Acorn throughout their history as chief technical designer. Just some of her many significant projects included:

  • Designer of the Acorn System 1 (PCB, software, manuals, and putting them in boxes!)
  • Co-designer of the BBC Micro, including the Tube 2nd processor system
  • Author of BBC BASIC, both the original and ARM versions (and all the earlier Acorn BASICs)
  • Designer of the ARM processor instruction set
  • Leader of the Arthur project, and part of its development into RISC OS, including design of the anti-aliased font system
  • Author of Replay, the advanced (for its time) video playback system
  • After the break up of Acorn, Sophie moved to Element-14 which was later bought by Broadcom, where she has continued to work on ARM based designs.

    Sophie's talk will mostly focus on the development of the ARM processor, from its early days through to post Acorn developments such as FirePath.

    As Sophie gives very few interviews this is a rare opportunity to hear the details direct from the source.