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Raspberry Pi and Pandaboard
Bernard Boase and Keith Dunlop
Monday 21st May 2012, 7:45pm

This month we will be playing with two potential future RISC OS systems, which provide price/performance points either side of the Beagleboard.

First there is the Raspberry Pi, which has been creating a major stir in technology circles for quite a while, and is finally available. While slower than the Beagleboard, it does have the advantage of being incredibly cheap!

Bernard Boase will be bringing his Raspberry Pi board along so everyone can get a good look at it in action. This will probably only be running Linux as the RISC OS version for the Pi is currently only suitable for developers, but work is ongoing to get it into a state that can be simply downloaded and installed by all Pi owners.

Then we have the Pandaboard, which costs a bit more than a Beagleboard but is considerably faster and with better graphics capabilities. RISC OS is up and running on the Pandaboard, and the ROM image can be downloaded from the ROOL website. Keith Dunlop will be able to show how far this version has progressed.