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Documentation Updates
Bernard Boase
Monday 17th August 2015, 7:45pm

At last year's January meeting, Bernard told us about plans to update the RISC OS documentation so that it would be useful to new users, particularly those enticed to try RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi.

Since then things have moved on and following discussion in the ROOL Forum between March and July this year, ROOL have made new recommendations about how to use volunteer effort to contribute updates to Acorn's RISC OS 3.6/3.7 User Guide for eventual publication.

Bernard will be bringing along ROOL's recently released new Style Guide so everyone can see the type of documentaton that can be produced. A copy of the old guide will also be available for comparison.

This initiative supersedes the work initiated by CJE two years ago, and Bernard's efforts are now directed towards ROOL's objective. More volunteers are, as ever, needed!

Here are some of the useful links that were mentioned during the meeting:

  • User Guide project page
  • Update submissions described
  • Update material is in Wiki pages, for instance SciCalc
  • Base version is the RISC OS 3.7 User Guide (pdf)
  • ROOL's working version of a RISC OS 5 User Guide (pdf)