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The RISC OS Awards 2014
Open discussion
Monday 19th January 2015, 7:45pm

For the first meeting of the new year we will be looking back on last year, as we take a look at the categories in the RISC OS Awards 2014.

Unlike previous polls that have been multiple choice this year's simply offers a text box for each answer. Great for providing maximum choice, but making it tricky to remember which things happened in the past year.

At the meeting we will be putting our collective heads together to come up with a list of options for each category. The organiser of the poll, Vince M Hudd, has posted a few reminders on the RISCOSitory website, but bring along your suggestions to join in what should be an interesting discussion.

Here are the nominations we came up with:

Best Commercial Product

  • RiscOSM
  • Organizer
  • ArtWorks
  • EasiWriter
  • DPGenealogy
  • DeleGate
  • Messenger Pro
  • RiscPiC (Raspberry Pi case)
  • SystemDisc
  • VirtualRPC
  • ProCAD+

    Best Non-Commercial Product

  • Pluto
  • RPCemu
  • NetSurf
  • NetRadio
  • WeatherUK/NewsUK
  • StrongED
  • PlingStore
  • OpenVector/OpenGridPro
  • Erase/QLock/Stealth - privacy software from Nat Queen
  • USBrecorder
  • PipeDream
  • FireWorkz

    Best Game or Diversion

  • Star Fighter 3000

    Best Hardware

  • RaspberryPi B+

    Best New Development

  • RiscOSM
  • USB sound hardware support
  • ImpressionX beta

    Best Show of Initiative

  • ARMini.MX
  • RiscOSM
  • USB sound hardware support
  • ImpressionX
  • APDL resources rescue
  • Archimedes Software Preservation Project
  • Tim Rowledge presentaton "at" ROUGOL via video link from Canada
  • Vince M Hudd for organising these awards

    Best Website or Online Resource

  • StarDot forums
  • ROOL
  • 4corn
  • APDL
  • Archimedes Software Preservation Project
  • WIMPbasic
  • Jim Lesurf Audio Misc

    Best Publication or Offline Resource

  • Archive
  • Drag n Drop
  • Bruce Smith book re-releases

    Best Foreign Language Resource

  • GAGnews
  • ArcSite

    Best Show or Event

  • RISC OS London Show (we might be biased on this one, but it was good :-)

    Most Innovative or Interesting Project

  • ARMini.MX
  • CJE laptop plans
  • RISC OS Pico
  • Archimedes Software Preservation Project
  • Steve Drain's Raspberry Pip
  • 4K Ultra HD display

    Best Overall Contributor to RISC OS

  • Jeffrey Lee
  • Bryan Hogan for organising ROUGOL meetings and the London Show (*blush* I had nothing to do with this suggestion, honest!)
  • David Bradforth
  • Willi Theis
  • ROOL
  • Andrew Rawnsley
  • Chris Evans / Andrew Conroy
  • The Centre for Computing History for their work preserving Acorn and other equipment
  • David Holden RIP

    Broken Cog of the Year

  • ARMini.MX for creating such an good build up of interest and excitement... then nothing, losing the momentum :-(
  • Archimedes Software Preservation Project, a preservation website down for months!
  • RISC OS Pico visibility, not on Raspberry Pi or ROOL download pages
  • Archive Magazine, only two issues published in the year :-(
  • New EU VAT rules making cross border electronic purchases difficult for small firms
  • ROOL Bounty scheme, which doesn't seem to generate enough interest to pay for anything
  • RComp websites - disjointed, lack of updates
  • This question, for its potential to cause upset within the community!